Are you anxious about the consequences of workplace accidents? Would you like to effectively manage your workplace hazards and reduce down time caused by illness and injury? Are you looking for an integrated health and safety programme and continuous assurance that you are compliant?

Sometimes it is difficult to know where to start – especially if safety is not your areas of expertise. Calling in professionals - who 'live and breathe' safety - makes excellent business sense.

HasTrak specialise in the implementation of credible, practical safety systems. Passionate about coaching small and medium sized businesses, HasTrak are leaders in the effective use of intuitive safety programmes that are user friendly for everyone involved.

Short term advice or a long term partnership… you choose.

With more than 20 years experience, HasTrak understand the ever changing requirements and legalities that apply to workplace health, safety and environmental. We are always available to answer your questions and support you when you need it – today, and in the months and years to come.

We know what a successful system looks like, and most importantly, we'll coach you on the fastest, most efficient way to get one for yourself.

"The HasTrak team have been instrumental in our success in the area of workplace health and safety. Thanks to them, we’ve never been more 'healthy' - saving thousands annually in ACC levies and enjoying an increase in staff awareness and involvement."

Dennis McClengahan, General Manager
Auckland Meat Processors

Let the results speak for themselves:

Our clients report marked reductions in sick leave and workplace accidents – normally as a result of just six months of working with HasTrak. Clients have also enjoyed the benefits of more effective communication between staff, a significant increase in employee safety awareness - and a more proactive team approach to the system.

Next steps...

Unsure what your own requirements are - or if HasTrak is right for you? Find out more about the team behind the brand, or ask us a question. You can also phone us on 09 2922 919.

2006 ACC Thinksafe Workplace Safety Award Winner